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third reich history and WWII tours

[caption id="attachment_2290" align="alignnone" width="300"] 1936 structure for the Winter Olympics in Garmish-Parenkirchen[/caption] Third Reich history and WWII tours:  Can include Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, Documentation Center 3rd Reich history tour in Berchtesgaden with underground bunkers, Obersalzberg and the Berghof site, Monuments Men Tour (hiding places of stolen art in WWII), concentration camp memorial sites and museums (i.e.…
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D-Day and Western France

[caption id="attachment_2183" align="alignnone" width="300"] American WWII cemetery[/caption] HIGHLIGHTS: D-Day landing sites, “Band of Brothers” sites, WWII museums, Mont St Michel, Calvados distillery, Camembert producer, village produce markets, Brittany’s ancient stone towns, regional cuisine, megalithic stones at Carnac, Loire Valley sparkling and still wines, mushroom plantation in caves, Loire Valley chateaux, troglodyte dwellings, cooking classes, farm…
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